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What’s so great about boobs, anyway? Whenever a guy looks at someone of the opposite sex, the first thing he looks at is her breasts. It doesn’t matter if they’re big or small, firm or saggy, and hidden beneath her clothes or almost popping out of it, guys will first and foremost prioritize looking at a woman’s jugs over everything else. Some pretend to be gentlemen, looking at her eyes but using their peripheral vision to check her chest out. It almost always annoys women as they feel like they are objectified and only viewed as sexual playthings for men. Well, there is a scientific reason why men love women’s breasts, and it is surprisingly connected to human evolution. During prehistoric times, our ancient ancestors needed to rely on their instincts to survive. As the saying goes – “Only the strongest will survive”. And to do that, humans back then needed to have a way to determine how they would find the perfect mate for them. Females would look for a male who possesses the biggest penis in the pack. They believe that the bigger a man’s penis, the better he is at procreation. The females aren’t the only ones who have guidelines on choosing the best partner during that time, as men would base their mates depending on the size of their breasts. And yes, it’s easy to guess that the bigger the breasts are, the better. Those instincts are what helped humans survive and thrive up to present, and as you can see, those same instincts are still being used today.

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Breasts are majestic. They are soft, round, and bouncy. Touching a pair of boobies is like mashing a stress ball as it is fun and addicting to do at the same time. But what makes breasts so great are actually what’s in the middle of each of them – the nipple. Both men and women have nipples, but obviously, what women have is more functional as they both serve as a source of nutrition for their young, as well as a source of sexual satisfaction for their partners. As a man, it’s guaranteed that your ultimate desire with women’s boobs is not just looking at them or touching them, but rather using your mouth and tongue to suck the shit out of those nice pair of titties. Women’s breasts are next to nothing without nipples.

Since society dictates that people should cover their sensitive parts, it is required for women to cover up their nipples at the very least, aside from them covering their vagina. Some women are more daring, as they can go out in public with minimal cover for their chests. The bare minimum for them would be covering up their nipples. This holds especially true during summertime, as they are free to wear swimsuits that reveal more skin than usual. This would leave little to a man’s imagination, as bikinis are the best type of swimwear to use when a woman wants to get laid during her summer break. Sure, men have nipples too. But what makes them tick are women’s nipples, and it would definitely bring out their carnal desires once they see those bras come off. If you’re a man who loves seeing bare nipples, then your next destination should be PORN.COM, as you’ll find tons of nipples porn videos there, all free and all easily available for you to beat your meat to.

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